Monday, May 23, 2011

First Post

I decided I didn't want to waste any bandwidth, MySQL or webspace by self-hosting a blog, no matter how insignificant the amount is. WordPress though excellent, placed many [valid] restrictions such as no embeds or Javascript. Tumblr, though really hip and typically what DeviantARTists use, didn't have a solid revenue model and thus wasn't very reassuring.

So Blogger it is. This post is probably gonna be one of the very few posts that ever reads like a traditional blog post (aka introspection), because I'm thinking of purposing this blog as a Tech Project blog amongst other things.

And I really need some lengthy text so I can see if a theme looks nice... *Browsing themes*...

Edit: Blogger's selection of fonts, helped in part by Google's Web Fonts initiative, is really impressive. I think I like my theme very much now. :)

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